Lyrics Wasted

Wasted, years have been wasted
Like there was nothing left to lose
Wasted, time has been wasted
Words were said, but they didn’t change our views

Wasted, after all wasted
(There was) Nothing that could pull us through
Chasing, we have been chasing
The right to choose and what we thought was true

Why can’t we see
What we threw away
All that is lost, was it in vain?

Fading, memories fading
The good things in life were not for free
Breaking, you and I faking
that there was a future for us too

All of the years
Spent together here
We did not learn how to make it work

Wasted, so much was wasted
Useless now to decide whom to blame
Chasing, trying to ease the pain
Of what was said, we both know what’s the truth.

(c) h.j.m. ruel/ hjmr music 2016

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