Lyrics You Say

You say “I dont know where to go”
You say: “But i know what to do”
You say: “Will you go with me or not now?”
You say: “It is over goodbye”

But I know where you’re going
And I know where to start
And I know what to do now
I’ll go straight for your heart

You say: will i go or will i stay
You say: you seem to push me away
You say: i feel the pressure all on me now
You say: all my patience is gone now

(But who says life is fair
And who says what to do
And who wants to be free now
So please give me a clue

You say: please give me the key now
I say: I dont want you to go
You say: fair enough I want my freedom
I say: please give me your hand now

Let us go where we want
Let us make a new start
We’ll get the best of our dreams
So please give me your hand
Let’s get the best of our dreams now
But please give me your hand

(c) h.j.m. ruel 2016

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