This first EP “Some truths and some lies” would have never been there without Rene Bloks – owner of Artichoque Recording. His great talent for music and recording were key to turning my musical ideas into existing tracks. Rene thank you so much for this great journey! Will soon start again!

Pablo Juncosa, thank you so much for your guitar play on my tracks. Your contribution to the tracks was essential. Your magic fingers and musical mind gave the tracks the magic touch they needed. Will soon do it again!

Teun van der Salm, thank you! Your ‘kicks’ brought the tracks to life. Drummers are my heroes. I actually always wanted to play drums, i was and still am crazy about rythms. As a kid I used my mom’s knitting pens as drum sticks. She did not like that much though. Seeing drummers do the magic makes me crazy, I can watch it for hours. Thank you – working with you was such a good experience. And again, let us do it again soon.

Tanya, Yulia, Elena and Tim, thank you so much for your support! You were my first audience. I dropped first sketches of the tracks in our family whatsapp group and made you listen to it.Your support gave me encouraged me! Thank you! More to come….:)