My background

I grew up on a farm, the only son in a family of five kids. So my father always thought of me as his successor, but I was never really happy about that idea. There was just too much in this world to discover in terms of knowledge and places/travel.

At a certain point in my life, at the age of 24, when I was half way through my bachelor’s study in human resource management, I decided that after graduating I would take over the family farm anyway and dedicate my life to helping my parents and staying with them on the farm. It was a tough decision to make, but would end the uncertainty my parents faced on their approaching retirement.

But life holds mysteries and has ways that will never be understood or predictable by whatever scientific method or discipline. Life is human in nature. For one reason or another, I am the kind of person who always has a plan B or C, just in case plan A does not work out. So while farming I kept on studying, got my master’s degree in psychology and even a PhD. To balance the uncertainty of farming, I combined it with a university job in teaching and research.

After a few years my parents and I took the tough step to scale down the farm and that i would continue pursuing an academic career. And that is was i kept on doing until today. The tracks on my first album Some truths, some lies found their basis in the decade that was so decisive in my life.